C47 Series


Industrial Water Treatment Solution Sales Sheet Industrial Water Treatment Solutions Spec Sheet
  • Capacities to 240,000 grains per tank
  • Piping systems up to 2”
  • Available in up to six units in multiple configurations
  • Up to 24” tank sizes
  • Removes hardness, iron and manganese; adjusts pH
  • Utilizes exclusive Crystal-Right™ media

Crystal-Right® Media

Crystal Right Media Filters and Softens WaterCrystal-Right media, produced exclusively by Mineral-Right, is a unique silica-based ion exchange media that filters and softens water. Because of its distinct ability to remove iron and manganese, it is the natural choice for well water conditions. Unlike normal softening resins, it is chlorine resistant and therefore can be disinfected to eliminate nuisance bacteria often found in well water.

C47 Series Commercial Water Softener

commercial water softeners

Uses exclusive Crystal-Right™ CR-100 or CR-200 highly specialized media

commercial water softener systems

Adjustable cycling of regeneration, including Water Efficient Technology

Series Commercial Water Softeners

“Plug and play” accessories: no hard water bypass, separate source regeneration, chlorine disinfection

C47 Series Commercial Water Softener